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Canada’s home for vegan and plant based products.

TerraLuv, previously known as Nice Shoes, has been serving vegans and all Canadians for over a decade.

As of September 2022, Nice Shoes has been under new ownership. Many in the Vancouver community know long-time vegan and documentary filmmaker Gary Charbonneau who’s excited to continue growing the business. We’ve closed the physical store in order to move online and offer more products and excellent customer service.

A word from Gary about Joanne and Glenn, the previous owners.

We’d like to recognize and thank Joanne Chang and Glenn Gaetz who founded Nice Shoes in 2011. These animal lovers and organizers of the Vancouver vegan community had a vision to help make veganism more accessible and brought it to life with Nice Shoes. Since then, thousands of vegans and vegan-curious visitors are discovering ways to live a more animal- and earth-friendly way.

All the best to Joanne, Glenn and their family as they pursue new careers and interests. Thank you for helping pave the way!